Stay five nights, pay four

Enjoy your fifth night on us on five-night stays as you retreat to Kayaam House on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. From stunning sunset views to idyllic locations to rest and relax , a five-night stay is the perfect holiday getaway!

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Extended stay savings

Save up to 25%

Experience Kayaam House’s collection of villas and suites at a 25% discount when you book six nights or more! Relax in tastefully designed spaces, which include a veranda to lounge in, a semi-private lap pool and a dedicated guest service manager.

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Wellness Journey
Heal & Balance

This is a natural path to mental healing through authentic Ayurvedic therapies, remedies, yoga, and meditation. Find relief from emotional imbalances, past traumas, negative thoughts, and physical stress.

Minimum Stay 6 nights

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Renew & Revitalise

In this ayurvedic immersion, we prioritise both inner well-being and anti-aging while enhancing rejuvenation of both skin and hair.

Minimum Stay 8 nights

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Ayurveda Immersion

This introductory journey combines Ayurveda therapies with yoga and meditation.
Ideal for individuals who are new to Ayurveda and wish to learn more about the benefits of this ancient science.

Minimum Stay 4 nights

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Detox & Cleanse

Experience holistic purification. This is a combination of sudation therapies, panchakarma, personalised dietary plans, herbal remedies and Ayurveda medicines. It serves as an ideal approach to cleanse the body and mind, facilitating internal healing.

Minimum Stay 10 nights

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Remedy & Restoration

This is a comprehensive programme that centres around healing through traditional Ayurvedic curative therapies such as Abyanga, Sweda, Dhara karma, Panchakarma, and natural remedies, combined with personalised dietary plans.

Minimum Stay 8 nights

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Weight Loss

This treatment is designed to optimise your metabolism and improve your digestive well-being using Ayurvedic medicine, natural remedies, balanced meals, evidence-based dietary practices, and targeted therapies.

Minimum Stay 15 nights

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