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Kayaam House, situated on the south coast in Tangalle, is a spiritual sanctuary in a secluded spot just steps from the vast Indian Ocean. The Kayaam House journey focuses on restoration and recovery with wellness a key part of every guest experience.



Bathe in nature at the outdoor yoga pavilion or at the far-reaching infinity pool. Dine in the chic, Bawa-inspired, 20-cover restaurant and bar.

Spaces are designed to provide seclusion and serenity for Kayaam House guests – helping ease the mind, unwind and relax in a lush, tropical setting.

The Spa at Kayaam House features three treatment rooms, equipped with steam baths, to offer ayurvedic treatments to any of our guests.

Location and details

Kayaam House - Large (6)

Unwind, relax,

Our spaces are curated to emanate a grounding, cosy and restorative atmosphere, ideal for rest, rejuvenation and rediscovery.

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Experience through the senses,
allow yourself to get carried away.


Meet an incredible team of culinarians who are passionate and dedicated towards curating wholesome and delectable local fare.

Our Dining Philosophy


Meet an incredible team of culinarians who are passionate and dedicated towards curating wholesome and delectable local fare.

Our Dining Philosophy


At Kayaam House, we embody the ideology of inner balance by curating holistic therapies infused with natural ingredients and nurturing practices.

For any guests seeking a wellness getaway, curated meal plans can be personalised based on their ayurvedic dosha, following a consultation with our resident ayurvedic doctor.

If you are in search of a pure beach getaway, you can select from our a-la-carte menu, or you can engage with our chef for personalised meals based on your preferences.

Our Wellness Journeys

Our Wellness Offering

Heal & Balance

This is a natural path to mental healing through authentic Ayurvedic therapies, remedies, yoga, and meditation. Find relief from emotional imbalances, past traumas, negative thoughts, and physical stress.

Minimum Stay 6 nights

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Frequently asked

Kayaam House is a year-round destination. The deep south of Sri Lanka experiences a micro climate which has less effect from the monsoon rains. The driest part of the year is between mid-December to March. The rainy monsoon season is traditionally from May to July. August and September are drier months, with rain returning in October and November. Rains are usually expected during the evening and don’t last very long, hence the sun is rarely out of sight for long. Temperatures range on average between 27 to 30 degrees Celsius. Ideal time for diving, surfing or snorkelling is in-between late November to early April. 

Kayaam House is situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka with access to many places of interest such as Uda Walawe, Mulkirigala and Kalametiya and is renowned for activities on the water. To fully experience the essence of southern Sri Lanka, we recommend a 3 to 4 night stay.

Children below 16 can only be accommodated during buyouts. During regular operations, in order to maintain the tranquil nature of these spaces, only guests above 16 will be accommodated.

​No, we do not have accommodation facilities for drivers. However, we will be happy to provide contact details of available guest houses in the area which can be booked directly.
Thanks to the scenic Southern Highway, Kayaam House is only about four and a half hours away from Colombo.

Any guest can choose to stay on any basis from BB onwards, and your stay will be curated according to your preferences.